For Corporate Clients

For Corporate Clients Reliance RehabFor owners and senior management of Long-Term Care facilities interested to learn the difference in partnering with Reliance Rehab Associates.

Reliance Rehab Associates [RRA] formed when the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care delisted OHIP funded physiotherapy and provided the opportunity for new entrants to provide physiotherapy  services.   RRA is a company operated by professionals who came together with the belief that we could offer services that would be delivered with greater compliance to health care regulations and standards.   As well, we believe that the company must focus on direct patient care, and thus ensure that the company retains the lowest percentage of funds for administration possible.  In fact, RRA retains less than LHIN suggested level for administration expenses (i.e. 15%).   This results in RRA being able to deliver more funds to the physiotherapists, which translates into more hours of direct patient care.   If more funds are available, more residents can be seen, seen for longer periods of time, more time can be allocated to Physiotherapy Assistants, and Physiotherapists have more time to be onsite.

Our business model has proven successful as RRA won numerous contracts across the Niagara Peninsula with Long Term Care facilities when OHIP funding was delisted.  RRA was also successful in winning RFPs in partnership with LSAA/MSAA holders in the HNHB LHIN for the delivery of LHIN funded Falls Prevention Classes.

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the rehabilitation services required by the residents of your facility.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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