Ergonomic Assessment

Our team of professionals utilize a systematic process for identifying, analyzing, and controlling workplace risk factors, often for reducing musculoskeletal disorders. Our ergonomic assessments include evaluation of office workstations and provide recommendations to optimize the workstation setup. The recommendations can include work style changes, reconfiguration of existing furniture and computer setup (if needed) and recommendation of new/specialized furniture and/or computer equipment (if needed).  Working posture is appraised as part of the assessment and recommendations for change, breaks and exercise are also considered. Environmental factors like light and noise etc. are also assessed.

In addition, the assessment includes education to the individual employee on how to use their workstation properly and how to manage discomfort. Assessments are done by a Registered Physiotherapist or Registered Doctor of Chiropractor.
A written Ergonomic assessment Report is provided for the individual outlining the
issues and corrective actions along with all recommendations for
optimal ergonomic workstation set up. Recommendations for change, breaks and exercise
are also included in the written report. A typical evaluation takes between
1-2 hours on site and additional few hrs. for drafting the report,
depending on the setting, and the complexity of the job.

A list of vendors is provided for any new equipment if required.

Investing in ergonomic assessments benefits your employees by improving their workplace environment and ensuring they have workstations that minimize stress on their body. It benefits your business by increasing productivity, improving employee engagement, reducing the operational cost by reducing sick days and WSIB claims.

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