Long Term Care Facilities

  • RRA Inc. provides services to almost 1100 Long term care beds from Dunville to Burlington to Niagara Falls.
  • Our Rehab staff has years of experience working in the Long Term Care (LTC) industry, with precise awareness of the needs of your residents, their families, as well as the needs of your staff.
  • Appreciation and knowledge of MDS RAI, PCC, and Medicare.
  • Years of experience in recruiting, training, managing and retaining the best PTs and PTAs for best service quality and stability.
  • A dedicated team that provides uninterrupted exceptional services covering vacations / sick days for each other to ensure continuity of service.
  • A business with minimal infrastructure costs –with minimal overhead costs and no middle managers – which allows us to deliver the highest percentage of each funding dollar directly into physiotherapy and rehab services.
  • Extremely minimal infrastructure costs enable RRA to provide optimal physio hours to the LTC facilities without compromising on the exceptional quality of service.
  • Provide  services for walker, wheelchair and seating assessments
  • Ability to provide Social Worker services for the residents and staff of facilities.
  • RRA’s team of qualified & experienced PTs provide customized in services to homes without limiting only to safe resident handling and proper transfer techniques.
  • RRA’s dedicated staff actively lead and conduct falls prevention programs and provide practical solutions to reduce falls rate and keep restraints in control.
  • RRA’s team of dedicated PTs gel very well with LTC team of service providers and are readily available to participate in PAC meetings , care conferences, CQI, accreditations, and any other initiatives wherein a team member is expected to contribute.
  • Provision of training of restorative rehab programme for the facility staff.
  • Performance of regular quality assurance programs, audits and calibrations amongst RRA staff to ensure consistency and maintenance of optimal quality of services.
  • Relationships with over 40 Physiotherapy assistants (PTAs) in the Region, and with Niagara College, providing opportunities for students & future graduates of PTA program.


What is the difference between large enterprises and Rehab Associates Inc?

  • All large enterprises have significant investment in infrastructure (CEOs, COOs, Regional Managers, administrative staff, office space etc.) which require them to divert a significant portion of the funding NOT to deliver health care but merely to sustain their operations and overhead costs. These enterprises have typically delivered approximately only 60% of every dollar into direct physiotherapy service.
  • With the introduction of new minimum wages bill, bigger companies find it extremely difficult to maintain the quality and the hours of Physiotherapy in your facilities.
  • Rehab Associates aims to deliver 85-90% of every MOH dollar into direct physiotherapy