For Patients

For Patients Reliance RehabFor individuals wanting to book an in-home appointment with a health professional.

In-Home Appointments

Reliance Rehab Associates offers through its partnership with regulated health professionals the convenience of in-home appointments.

Appointments are in blocks of 30mins at a rate of $50/half-hour for Registered Physiotherapists.

Please select your city/town from the drop down list below to see if a professional is available in your area. If not, then please feel free to contact us using the ‘contact us’ option below to send us your request or inquiry.

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Ministry of Health funded Falls Prevention Classes (for seniors)

If you are a senior living in St. Catharines or Virgil, Ontario and would like to take advantage of exercise classes developed and supervised by a Registered Professional (Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist) then please contact us using the ‘contact us’ option below for more information and registration.  Classes are open to the community and covered by the Ministry of Health.

We look forward to seeing you in class!