For Professionals

For Professionals Reliance RehabFor health professionals interesting in learning how to establish your own mobile practice by partnering with Reliance Rehab Associates.

  • Would you like to have your own business but not sure how to start?
  • Would you prefer to have marketing, advertising, and billing performed on your behalf?
  • Would you appreciate having access to an administrator who can assist you with clerical, and invoicing tasks?
  • Would you like to maintain your independence, and freedom to set your own calendar without having to ask permission from a supervisor?
  • Would you like to be free of multi-page contracts riddled with non-compete, confidentiality and other restrictive covenants?
  • Are you concerned that large corporate health care service companies negotiate without your involvement and promise service levels that you may be responsible for and liable to deliver?

Reliance Rehab Associates was formed to solve these specific problems faced by regulated health professionals.  As registered professionals ourselves, we wanted a company to take care of all the aspects of health care that are necessary, but are not reasons any of us became health care providers (e.g. accounting, billing, marketing, web design, contract development & negotiation, etc…).

How is RRA different?

We are a company that will give you the platform from which you can run your own practice.   Plus, RRA applies for RFPs, and corporate contracts in which you will have the opportunity to participate in order to obtain the caseload size you desire.  Currently, health professionals in partnership with RRA deliver physiotherapy to over 800 residents of LTCHs across the HNHB LHIN.  Plus, we have partnered with organizations who have service agreements with the MOH for the purpose of applying for LHIN funded RFPs (e.g. Falls Prevention Classes).

Our corporate structure also exemplifies our focus on respecting both health care professionals and  funding sources for health care, namely:

  • RRA focuses on compliance to all MOHLTC regulations, all College standards, and all other legislation (e.g. LTC Act) by having a dedicated Director whose sole focus is regulatory compliance and whose role is to work with both corporate clients and health professionals.
  • RRA retains one of the lowest fee – if not the lowest fee – in the industry for its administration services.  In fact, for services provided to LTCHs, RRA retains less than the LHIN suggested rate for administrative expenses ensuring that the physiotherapist receives the greatest possible share of funding allowing them to deliver more hours of direct patient care.

Finally, we recommend that you examine the patient portal of our website.  You will find that RRA can provide you with the opportunity to become a professional offering in-home privately funded health services.

Read the Reliance Rehab Associates Advantage

If you are interested in learning more, or in discussing the opportunity to partner with RRA please contact us to set up a meeting.  Thank you for your interest.